Rebecca-August 31, 3018

My reading was everything I needed to hear. Honest. Calm. Very Good Energy. Spot on with life purpose.  Said teacher, communicator & special education. That’s what I’m in school for right now. 

Tionna, Duluth GA June, 12, 2016 I found Gail on facebook.  She said I would meet someone in 6 months and I did. She asked me if my significant other had children and I said no because he told me he didn't have children.  She asked me if I was sure because she saw a small child; a boy. She also mentioned that there was another female that had significant "hold" on him. She asked me if I knew anyone with a "K" name like "Key" or Karen.-- I did some checking and found out there are two children he suspects are his but hasn't completed DNA testing. (He told me this after I questioned him again.) And one of the mother's name is Keyshia. This is the woman that has a "hold" on him. She asked me if I was thinking about moving and I said yes. Gail picked up on green eyes, his mother has green eyes. I am a Sensitive and although no one is perfect, Gail's accuracy is dead on with limited information from me. I also like the fact that she is very honest. And she is respectful of decisions I make. I am referring her to a friend.   

Anonymous-June 9, 2016

I found Gail on facebook and wanted to try her special. She asked me who Joyce, Pat & Matthew were. Joyce is my mother, Pat is my late cousin and I work with a Matthew. 

February 27th, 2016-Networking in High Heels Member, Atlanta, GA

Hi Gail, Just wanted to say thanks for the reading that you did a few weeks ago- it has proved to be very accurate! I went back into trading on the side, and it has worked out very well. And what you said about the guy turned out to be true (I didn't hear from him at all on V-day but at least I was prepared). Also you had mentioned not to wait around for overseas shipments for my tea business. Sure enough I ended up ordering from Europe since I couldn't find suppliers in the states, and am still waiting around! So thanks again and feel free to use this as a testimonial. I appreciate the guidance and hope to meet you one of these days! :-) Sincerely, Jocelyn  

February 5th 2016-J.S.-Networking in High Heels Member, Atlanta, GA The reading definitely honed in on the right choices and cleared up confusion. She interpreted my dream and I really identified with the explanation.

January 28, 2016-Heather-Networking in High Heels Member, Atlanta, GA   

There are a lot of people that fake it but she is the real deal.  She forewarned me, asked me for permission, to get straight to the point.  But, I didn’t expect her to be on target right off the bat! She was right on the money. I feel a lot better; she gave me validation.  

September 3, 2015 I knew you weren’t pulling my leg because you said exactly what my daughter said. And you said it the way she does. It made me trust you.You mentioned cigarettes and she smokes. Brought tears to my eyes. It really helped clear my mind & my sense of direction about my family. It helped me a lot and eased me to talk to you. Del- TN  

August 6th, 2015

You hit extrememly good points about my life. You are awesome and on point about different aspects of who I am and what kind of person I am. You were able to tune into numerous individuals in my life and relay the information to me the way I understand it. You gave certain names of individuals which I never would have thought you would give which is amazing to me. You provided closure to parts of my life that i need to take a step back from to be a better individual.-Tomara GA

July 29, 2015

Very helpful & solid & verifying, validation.- Lindsey

July 19, 2015 Gail you were e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t! You picked up on things I didn’t even tell you! You described the way he talks, his current job situation, his physique, his mental disposition and you have never talked to me before! You were awesome.  -Angela from Texas; by way of Virginia.  

July 9, 2015

She was on target. She hit things that were heavy on my mind without me mentioning them! I wondered: How in the world did she know that?! It was deep. But also easy like talking to a girlfriend. It was different than other readings I've had in that she left no stone unturned. 

EP-Osilla, GA

July 9, 2015

Very good, very accurate.The things I felt were the things you said! -TB Atlanta

June 29, 2015

I just got the overall sense that we (Gail, me & the person of discussion) were all (in the same room) together. I didn't feel awkward. It wasn't just the shoe that fits;  more like a comfortable slipper.  


June 23, 2015

You're amazing. You picked up on everything; you were right!


June 9, 2015

Spot on. Very straighforward, her thoughts were not clouded. Insightful at the same time.

S.S. Atlanta

June 4, 2015

I have to say I felt lead to call Gail and take advantage of her special. This was my first reading. I couldn't believe just how accurate she was during the reading. She picked up on so many things that were spot on without any prompting from me. I would certainly recommend a reading by Gail to anymore looking for additional insight.-Monique Tyler Grier , Atlanta  

Her readings are different in that they are conservative and friendly. She makes you feel like you called a friend to "discuss" aspects of your life as opposed to calling a complete stranger to "tell" you about your life.  

She was eerily accurate. She was able to pinpoint a delay in my college application process. She told me I was going to receive a letter from the school needing more information and I did receive that exact type of letter! She was able to tap into my husband’s energy and describe him and psyche to an astounding perfection. She was very accurate and it's hard to find an intuitive that dead on. Most of them generalize so much that it could apply to just about anyone. But Gail knew specifics!  

 Gail taps well into your energy and seems to be able to "see" you. She taps into your subconscious level and picks up on your inner emotions, fears, hopes, and wishes. She is able to understand your particular situation and facilitate the necessary advice and counsel that will best help you.  

 I have spoken to a few psychics but very few are the genuine thing.   She is also the real deal! I was very impressed by how accurate she was about circumstances in my life as well as specifically pinpointing certain events. No generalization, she was specific!  

She is very gifted and her empathy towards your life and personal circumstances makes talking to her like talking to a best friend! I highly recommend her!  I would call her every day if I could!  

July 13, 2013 Gail Is an amazing psychic! She connected with me right away, she picked up on things without me even saying anything to her. I hope all her predictions come true for me! I will certainly call you again I really enjoyed my reading with you... - M.C., Melville  

July 13, 2013 She was amazing, I felt very happy with what she said. I'm willing to have more readings with Gail. - Jilleen, Lebanon  

June 29, 2013 Gail was spot on with my first reading from her (which was about a month ago). I'm sorry it took so long for me to leave a testimony and now I'm back to get a second reading, so I just wanted to say that she is the real deal! I have had 2 other readings after her and one of the readers wasn't anywhere near as accurate and the other one was somewhat convincing but I think I will stick to Gail. So many more questions!! Thanks again Gail! - Holten, Bloomsfield  

June 12, 2013 I've spoken with Gail a few times, and she is absolutely amazing! She knows how to channel right in to know what is going on. In my situation, she was able to tell me the cause of my male friends actions, which were right on target! Reading with Gail is like reading with a friend. Her approach is compassionate and understanding, yet truthful. She is definitely worth reading with! - Anonymous  

May 16, 2013 Gail has been the best psychic for me. I am so happy with her. Her readings are honest, to the point, and so well informed. Thank you Gail, for all that you do! - W.C., Copiague  

May 07, 2013 She read the person in question like a book. Told me the truth, no fluff, and gave me options and timelines. Good reader. Thank you for your time. - Anonymous  

April 27, 2013 She is great!! She lets you know what you need to know to move forward. Call her so you can be enlightened. - Anonymous  

April 17, 2013 Gail was right on everything she said, she was amazing I will be calling her again. - Tina-Louise, Washington  

April 16, 2013 Wonderful job--she even connected to my dad and uncle who have passed . . . - Anonymous  

March 27, 2013 All I can say is Gail is wonderful. She's very gentle and detailed in whatever she is telling you she sees happening. I connected with her really well. Thanks Gail. - L.R., Chicago  

March 23, 2013 Wow! What a great reading. I only expected to speak to Gail on 1 matter but I was so enthralled with her response that I just had to ask more questions. She picked up on the people I was asking about with no detail. Just a name and question. If you have a love & relationship matter you would be really be doing yourself a disservice if you did not reach out and get a reading with Gail. She is excellent and the real deal! Don't miss out!! - L.B., New York  

March 21, 2013 Gail is really good! Incredible! Picked up on things I had in mind & my questions very well! It was cute how she had to tell me something right away when spirit was trying to tell her what to tell me, trying to get that all in the reading. Loved it! There were things she had to explain,asked if it was understood. Explains things so well! LOVED that too! Great personality! Very sweet & nice to talk with! Will call back to update! Thank you Gail! - Anonymous  

March 17, 2013 Gail-Thanks very much for a very powerful reading. Definitely got the person in question very strongly. Greatly appreciated the reading and will absolutely call again. THANKS - J.S., Endicott  

March 16, 2013 I enjoyed my reading with Gail she was very sweet if you haven't read with her please do, it will be worth it . - Anonymous  

March 05, 2013 Awesome as always. If you're in a relationship of any kind you owe it to yourself to have a reading with her. Accurate and caring and all of her predictions have came true. The best, even bad news from her is enlightening. -   

November 29, 2012 Gail was extremely accurate with amazing detail of who I am, what I want and how I will get there. She is not only positive in nature but can provide you with what to look for as you move forward in life.  

August 22, 2011 I spoke with Gail about relationship issues with a 5 year relationship. Gail picked up on him and didn't get a good feel. She was able to connect with him and it wasn't what I wanted to hear. However she was right, we broke up 11 hours later even though he was sweet most of the day. She saw right through him. On a positive note, she sees wonderful things ahead for me with a great relationship. Bless you Gail. - Anonymous  

August 14, 2011 I can't imagine having a relationship without her insights. Worth your time and money, give her a call, predictions have been right every time!! -    

August 11, 2011 I really enjoyed Gail. She was like a good friend who was appropriately frustrated for me in my situation, but at the same time compassionate and objective in her information. I was in a really dark place when I called her and her words to me helped me push past this. - Anonymous  

August 01, 2011 This is my go to psychic. She has been right on everything!! -   

July 30, 2011 She was very nice to talk to!! I will call her back again!! - R.C., Boynton Beach  

July 01, 2011 She was wonderful to talk with and very kind. She was able to tune right into my situation and help me understand where things stand. I will keep her updated. Would recommend highly. - P.M., Valpo  

June 26, 2011 Straightforward, honest, and caring. Very good at picking up how others feel, and what they are going through! I recommend her!! - Elizabeth, Oslo  

June 19, 2011 Gail was extremely insightful with my relationships with other people in my life, really being able to talk to them and find out the root of the issues. She is amazing and it was a very healing session for me. I would highly highly recommend her. - Anonymous  

June 12, 2011 Gail was awesome. She completely connected to my situation. I will definitely read with Gail again. - Anonymous  

June 07, 2011 Oh my goodness! By the end of the reading I was literally sitting with my mouth open, shaking my head. Gail was amazing!  

September 01, 2011 She has been my reader for awhile now and she has never let me down. Try her once at least, worth it and you will find it a very useful and unique reading.    

K. Cole, Lawrenceville, GA 5/28/2011 "I called Gail out of the blue from her ad when I was feeling very anxious about situations in my life and decisions to be made.  I was surprised and relieved when she was able to call me back and squeeze in a quick reading for me, sensing my anxiousness.  I was even more surprised and happy to find she was so clear and accurate with the information she was able to provide.  She has a special ability to relate in an understanding yet honest, informational and accurate way.  And also very quick. One of the best.  To top it off, she's truly humble about her unique abilities, making herself accessible to people of all walks of life and economic status."  

u rock. great gifts. Sweet person. SHE IS A 5 STAR IN MY BOOK ...and I been using psychics for many years.  

Karesa, Atlanta, GA Apr 29, 2011 Hey Miss Gail I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for always being there to help when I need it.. Today and also the first time I called you I was very very upset and almost depressed because so many things had changed in my relationship for the worst so quickly. But after my reading today I felt so much better! Lol! Like a huge dark storm of questions and not knowing which way to turn had finally been revealed so I didn't feel so lost anymore...:) anyway don't want to make this to long but just wanted to say thanks so much for being there for your clients when they need you the most. I know I won't be going to no other reader in the future! Because your information is helpful and you treat clients like a friend and not a stranger.  Xoxo Karesa  

K.  Atlanta, GA 4/23/2011 Two months ago I called Gail to ask her about a guy that I've known for six years. She kept telling me that he was not telling the truth; he was lying. She also said that if I was her best friend, girlfriend or her sister, etc., “I would tell you to run!"  

It was hard for me to believe what she was saying because I have known him for so long. Today, I called her to tell her that she was dead on! He seemed very sweet, lovable, and humble. I was shocked from the nasty things he said; so full of hatred. She was so right.  

I also called Gail in regards to another matter.  She said she was at the grocery store and would not be able to perform my reading a little later. I couldn't wait so Gail actually performed a reading for me as she was on her way home from the grocery store!  

Don, Chicago, IL 4/22/2011 I've had a multitude of Intuitive conversations with Gail. Her ability to enter and interpret the energy of a situation that I wanted to better understand brought me a sense of peace and discernment that was essential to my heart. Her gift has always been given to me with compassion, empathy, and accuracy that is second to none. I am so grateful.  

Sandra, Atlanta, GA  4/13/2011 I've known Gail since 2003, the reading was phenomenal! In 2007 when I was interested in another reading I just thought about Gail and searched high and low for her since it had been so long.  Her accuracy is complete she is genuinely a gifted empath and clairvoyant. She is straightforward and so exact. If I ever want to or need to know something, I immediately go to Gail.  

 Debra, Palm Bay,  FL   03/22/2011            She was excellent! We will see if the timeline works. Will let you know!  

 Josette , KINGWOOD, TX   02/09/2011        Very good very true to facts.  

Amazing. Truly gifted and always like talking to a dear friend, highly recommend this one, quick and very helpful.  

Alicia, Austin, TX  03/29/2011 Good.  

Lauren, FORT WORTH, TX 03/07/2011 Good.  

Tina, Beverly Hills, CA  01/10/2011 Good.  

Great as always. Each reading is consistent and very helpful. Very honest and caring too.  

Albana, Phoenix,  AZ  12/21/2010 Good  

Yashika, Copperas Cove, TX  12/07/2010 Good  

Excellent. Blew me away. I recommend her highly in matters of the heart and personal insight Highly recommend her. She is very good in helping you understand where others are coming from. Very useful readings and she will not waste your time.  

Tammy, Springtown, TX 09/17/2010 Good  

Jessica, Bowie, MD 08/25/2010 Very pleased  

Tracy, Vancouver,  WA  07/29/2010 Thank you for the informative reading. I will try what you suggested and see what happens. I felt like you had a good insight on the issue.  

Laura, Fort Mill, SC  06/27/2010 Excellent reading  

Leah, Royal Palm Beach, FL 06/27/2010 You know I absolutely love ya and consider you a friend. I have been talking to you for a while now, but this is my first testimony. You have been right and accurate time after time after time. The thing about you that I appreciate the most is your honesty. You have told me a lot of things that I wasn’t looking forward to hearing, but it did turn out to be 100% the truth. Please pray for us. I will talk to you Friday. Thanks again!  

Rena, Duluth, GA  06/23/2010 I think she is Worth a Try! She Hit it on the Nail!  

Carol, West Sacramento, CA 05/31/2010 She is great and very accurate and honest  

Heather, Mount Vernon, OH  04/09/2010 Nice reading - was very helpful and friendly gave me lots to think about.  

 Kristin, Kimberly, WI  04/06/2010              Excellent...5 star psychic.