Atlanta Association for Psychic Development

 AAPD is a Metaphysical Educational System with requisite core fundamentals in; classroom theory, and  practical exercises. We offer structured classes, seminars/lectures that help you develop your gifts in a safe, methodical manner.  All levels welcome.


Meeting Your Higher Self

-Discussion & excerpts from: Spiritual Growth, Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman.         

-Meditation, grounding & protection techniques will be discussed. 

-Guided meditation on Meeting Your Higher Self 

-Q & A 

Being Your Higher Self is an ongoing experience of ever- expanding consciousness. Each time you connect with the Higher Self it opens the way for you to experience increasing wisdom understanding joy peace and all the spiritual qualities within you. 

Your experience of your Higher Self may be different each time you make contact and will change over time as you continue to connect with it.

The most successful outcomes are due to regular & disciplined meditation practices. It is strongly suggested that you learn to meditate & practice beforehand. This class does not guarantee any outcome whatsoever. 

 You may find the following links helpful before class.

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